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ROZIK ROLLS ON: Giving back to the communities around us.







From day one, we’ve been keenly aware of our responsibility to give back to the world around us, and the world that our Rozik fans are involved in. Through incremental promotions that allow non-profits of all kinds to participate, we pledge to share a percentage of our sales with charitable organizations. Using a promo code specific to your group, anyone using that code on specific days will have a percentage of their total purchase donated to the non-profit.

To have your organization take part in an upcoming Rozik Rolls On promotion, complete and submit the form below. All participating non-profits must be a verified 501(c) organization and provide proof of ongoing community involvement.

Rozik Rolls On: Organization Application

Tell us a little bit about your charitable organization and we'll be in touch to begin the selection process. All organizations and events welcome, just remember that in order to participate in Rozik Rolls On, the organization must be a verified 501(c) non profit.
  • Must be verified 501(c)
  • Let us, and all the Rozik customers, know about your organization. This information will be used when considering charitable organizations to feature and may also be posted on the Rozik website.