Did you know? Only about 5% of the clothes worn in the USA are actually Made in the USA.

Together, we can keep manufacturing in the USA.

Rozik is committed to helping that number grow. Rozik clothes take you everywhere, but they start here; our clothes are made in the USA, supporting American industry, and putting Americans to work. We support small businesses so they can continue to keep their doors open, their workload full, and have the promise of more orders to fulfill.

There’s something to be said about knowing where products come from; it helps give a sense of placement. Even in the case of pants or a t-shirt- just knowing the craftsmanship or the people who made your product are being treated well, enjoy the life they live, and take pride in what they do can add a lot of that ‘intangible value’ to something. We’re proud to put that Made in the USA tag on our garments.