ACL Fest 2014
ACL Fest 2014

Spotted: Rozik at ACL Fest 2014

This year’s ACL Festival was by far one of the best! We enjoyed seeing The Head and the Heart, Kongos, Chromeo and Calvin Harris to name a few!!! We also enjoyed dining at three of our favorite Austin staples-Uchi, Annie’s and Austin Java! If you haven’t tried them you should! We always make time for a […]


The Autobahn Experience

  Well the most highlighted depict of my trip was the anticipation of driving on the Autobahn or they say in German “The Bundesautobahn! For those of you who don’t know, its the federal controlled access highway in Germany.   This infamous motorway per say, is quite the no speed limit thrill! Yet with many other folks […]


Rozik International: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is beautiful! It was a 6-hour train ride from Germany, through Austria, and on to Hungary. The views were incredible, train travel is a great way to see Europe! First things first, coffee by the Danube and some sight-seeing. There is a waterfall in the middle of the city which is pretty awesome. Maxing […]


Rozik International: Anthony, the Alps, the Autobahn and Goodbye to Austria

Ok, I know, the title of this post is a little much but I couldn’t say no to all that alliteration! We last left Anthony at Oktoberfest, enjoying the beer and good friends. Well, you’ve got to work off the booze somehow and so he and his buds went hiking in the Alps. As you […]


Rozik International: Oktoberfest!

Well our beloved Rozik founder has made his way to Europe, arriving early Friday morning in Munich with a big welcome from close friend Hannes Enders at the airport. From Anthony: The city was rather foggy but it didn’t kill our spirits for our first German beer of the trip! After getting settled we, enjoyed […]

rozik knickers outdoors

Climber Review: Andrew LaCombe Reviews our Wanderer Knickers

Andrew La Combe recently reviewed a pair of our Wanderer knickers on Instagram. Andrew writes: “Playing limbo to come out of a nice bulge is always a fun experience on anice little pocket.  Rozik seriously have made some of thetoughest, relaxing & stretchy multi-outdoor knickers I have ever used!Great for cycling and climbing, these pants give […]


Rozik Goes International!

Game on! Rozik Founder Anthony Rosich is off on his international journey across Europe for the next 11 days. The team will be sharing updates as to his whereabouts, experiences and of course showcasing our beloved Rozik! His trip may include wearing some traditional lederhosen so be sure to check back Stay tuned to see pictures from […]


Boneshaker Project Gets Kids Moving

Rozik is a proud sponsor of Boneshaker Project, a charity that encourages kids to get moving, feel healthy, and be active. They offer after-school programs, mentoring, and family-focused events to families and children in Austin, Texas. Check out their new website at or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

rozik pants review

Rider Review: Ri from Ghost in the Spoke

It’s no lie, we love hearing what people think about our clothing. This latest review comes from Ri Crosier of Ghost in the Spoke. We sent Ri a pair of our Analyzers to try out this summer and he posted his review this week. “I’m a commuter and these are the best damn pants I’ve […]

Ride of silence - May 15th, 2013

Ride of Silence

Ride of Silence Marks 10 Year Anniversary Join Rozik for the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 15 at 7pm at the Dallas event at White Rock Lake. This slow-paced annual honors those who have been injured or killed while riding a bicycle. Started by Dallasite Chris Phelan to honor the memory of endurance cyclist […]

Bike to work logo

Bike to Work Day – Pants Giveaway!

         Win a pair of Analyzers and go from the bike right into the boardroom! Celebrate Bike to Work Day by wearing Rozik trousers! Tell us about your commute and we will randomly select 3 winners (one for each color we offer) who will win a pair of Rozik Analyzer trousers. Post […]

Made In The USA logo

Look at Your Label: Made in the USA?

As Rozik goes through our second production run with manufacturers located here in the USA, we urge everyone to pay attention to where their clothes come from. While costs can be astonishingly cheaper, the working conditions can be terrible in overseas factories that are not regulated and monitored. At Rozik, we’re proud to say we […]

DORBA logo

Rider Review on the DORBA forum

Thanks to Dallas cyclist and racer Jacob Salassi for his recent review of The Analyzers — check out the link he posted to his Strava app to see his official Rozik test ride! Nice job Jacob! (… and everyone be sure to give a hand to DORBA when they can to keep the Dallas trails […]

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.39.07 PM

Dallas Morning News Fitness Blog

Wear the clothes you biked in…at work? To dinner? You bet By Leslie Barker 10:20 am on March 15, 2013 23 12 1 (Photo: Rozik) Well, I was all set to tell you about this nifty new line of cycle clothing, and then I read the website more closely. So before you hear about the […]

Bike Lane Living Logo

Bike Lane Living Spotlights Rozik

It’s always fun to see when we get coverage on Rozik — and it’s even more fun when that coverage is unexpected and comes from a great source like Bike Lane Living, an online boutique of sorts that features accessories, reviews, and information that all bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds will love. Started by two […]

D Magazine logo

D Magazine’s Fashion Blog Features Rozik

      Thanks to D Magazine and its fashion and style blog for a fun write-up of the Rozik line … stylish Dallasites are really starting to embrace the bicycling lifestyle and this article is proof that they best way to get around Big D is on a bicycle and in Rozik clothes. Dallas […]

Thumbs Up Chuck Norris

Customer Reviews

“These pants are ridiculously comfortable. Ridiculously. So, my compliments. Have not taken them off for 2 days. Nice job. Now I’m spoiled. Wow.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.19.21 AM

Rozik Review from We Run and Ride Blog

Big thanks to Christopher Cudworth for a fun — and our first official — review of Rozik clothes. Check out his blog We Run and Ride for insightful and entertaining anecdotes and information related to running and cycling. In this review, Chris takes a look at the Analyzer trousers and gives ‘em a test run […]

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.31.11 PM

360 West Magazine

Ride Hard, Look Good as published in the January 2013 issue of 360 West Magazine While spandex works for racing and long ride, avid cyclist Anthony Rosich wanted clothing that works for the times he commutes to work on two wheels or rides to a restaurant to meet a friend for dinner. He didn’t want […]


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Check out that reflective action!

Pop-Up Shop

We had a blast taking pants on the road via our little pop-up shop. The Rozik trailer appeared at a couple Dallas-area CX races over the weekend and this weekend we’re packing up again and heading south to Fredericksburg for the Texas CX state championships. We’re excited to make a swing through Austin and show […]

Thumbs up Bruno

Customer Reviews

“I am in love with my new trousers. You guys have done such a killer job with the fit, that I’m starting to realize that my previous pants problems may have been more about everybody else’s poorly fit pants, and not so much my generously-portioned cyclist butt.” “So it’s all true:  the new Rozik trousers […]

First Customer Review for The Analyzer

Men’s Trousers Get a Test Ride

Meet Michael. He took The Analyzer men’s trousers out for their first city ride, enjoying the balmy winter weather in downtown Ft. Worth. Here’s what our beer-drinking, beard-wearing, bicycle-riding buddy had to say: “I can’t say enough good things about the Analyzer pants. I took them out for the first time today/tonight, once on a […]

Prime Pedestrian View

In Stores, on Shelves

Check out Rozik clothes in person at stores in both Dallas’ West Village and Sundance Square in Ft. Worth:

Dave: Official Product Tester

Men’s Knickers Get a Test Ride

Meet Dave. He’s the lucky guy who got to grab a pair of The Wanderer knickers as soon as they came off the production line and head out for a test ride in ‘em. Dave and his family live in a great spot with lots of land, woods, creeks, hills, and easy access to trails. […]

Rozik's First Customer

Our First Customer

Rozik did a little sneak peek of the line in our own little version of a Pop Up Boutique at the recent Trinity Bicycles Swap Meet at Rahr Brewery in Ft. Worth. We got to show off our clothes and let people know about the line. Here, with Anthony, is our first official customer after […]

Knickers Photo Shoot at CX Race w Brandt

Pre-race Photo Shoot

It’s finally time for official photo shoots with Rozik clothes … this time, we snagged photographer and cyclist Michael Quevedo  and a cyclocross buddy named Brandt and had them show off the The Wanderer men’s knickers in olive. Brandt’s also wearing our Rozik t-shirt before a recent CX race. We’re pretty pleased to see Brandt […]

JH cowboy on bicycle

The Cowboy Commute

Meet the Jackson Hole cowboy —– he’s just returning from a quick ride to the local market for some food. You’ll find this guy at the horse stables at the base of the Jackson Hole ski resort where he’s either on a horse or on a bicycle. The end of the day is the coolest […]

Slim Fit Pioneers?

What’s Up Slim?

‘Slim fit’ is all the rage these days so we’ve asked ourselves at Rozik where do we, well, fit?  Let’s figure out what Slim fit is …. Funny enough, there’s a band out of Lancaster, PA named Slim Fit —- sort of an “alt country-bluegrass-rock ‘n roll mashup.” We’re thinking that The Analyzer would look […]


Rear Pockets

Left to Right: -Sewing the right-side zipper pocket -Left-side reflective pocket flap -Reflective pocket doing what it does best Can’t wait to have you guys check ‘em out.


Cut Pieces of Fabric Are Scary

Seeing the thousands of random shapes of sizes of cut pieces of fabric that will be sewn into our clothes is pretty overwhelming. For starters, the bound stacks of fabric represent a year of work, a whole lotta money, and the pressure that they will ultimately be really cool pants that people want to wear. […]


Sharing A Little

As we’re unloading the boxes of our first production run, we’re doing a lot of looking back and thinking through all the things — events, ideas, learning experiences, pitfalls, missteps, and successes — that helped us get to the point where we’re unpacking pants! Here’s a snippet of where were were a little more than […]


Natural Waist?

Do YOU know where your natural waist sits? Yea, we thought we knew too. It’s much higher than you’d think. Awkwardly so. Here’s a helpful tip for how to figure out where your natural waist is … stand up straight and then bend your torso to the side. Where that side crease is between your […]


Pride in the USA

thrilled we can say Made in USA!      


By the Numbers

We’ve realized it’s been 1 year since Rozik began. So since we’re counting, here’s a look at Rozik “by the numbers” 1 great idea 1 final pattern maker. she’s fantastic. 37 pattern versions, men’s trousers 23 pattern versions, women’s knickers 31 pattern versions: man’s knickers 3 designers, 1 remains 3 manufacturers, 2 remain 2 cats, […]


Brunch — and Bikes — Bring People Together

We’re spending our Sunday afternoon brunch doing a little work on a patio (yes, our laptops are here….as are some bloody marys and Irish coffees) and while we know that the dog is quite the attraction, we see time and time again that the bicycling community is a burgeoning group in our area. We chat […]


Bicycle Commuters Eat Campbell’s Soup

Bicycles and the cycling lifestyle seem to be showing up everywhere (or, in Rozik terms: every wear )…. Celebs go out on dates that include romantic rides through Central Park, advertisers use them in ads and commercials, magazines are using them in photo shoots, and there’s now a commercial for Campbell’s soups that features a […]


Hemingway on the bicycle

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country […]


Where Have You (and your Rozik clothes) Gone?

It’s Show and Tell … Rozik Style! We want to see all the cool places you’re going — and wearing Rozik.  We’ve made the clothes stylish and functional enough that you can wear them backpacking across Europe or down to the corner bar to catch the game with friends. We like to think our clothes […]


Our Wheels Are In Motion

Here we go! Rozik is proud to announce to launch of our first line of urban activewear, designed to take travelers, commuters, and everyone else in any direction life takes you. With styles that are classic and sleek, Rozik provides both fashion and function. We’re excited to be here!